Friday, March 5, 2010

Okay I received a DNF (did not finish), on my attempt to finish this sampler by the end of the Olympics.

I am still needing roof of house and tree to right of house....but before that
i decided the turquoise base to the basket of flowers required a color change
and have to repeat that my next post should have this complete...sure-sure.

but I did make a dishcloth:    (this pattern is from a blog titled kayla k's thrifty ways)

finished knitting another scarf ....picture later, it is being blocked

and a little freebie finish from  The Sampler Girl blog site
I used this as a gift tag......cute and stitch.

Now off to finish the sampler......ahem.......or maybe just a cup of tea and some more
stitchy blog googling......yeah
smiles    :0)  :0)  :0)  :0)


  1. What a lovely WIP, love the colors!

    I really like your finish on the Sampler Girl tag, this would be wonderful on an Easter basket!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh I love your DNF project! The colors are wonderful! You'll finish it eventually, that's all that matters! Love your knitted project too! And the tag is adorable!

  3. Your BBD sampler looks so beautiful. Very nice progress. And such a nice gift tag. The finishing certainly took as long as the stitching, it's perfect.

  4. Your DNF (I love that abbreviation) is lovely! Can't wait to see your finish.
    For your dishcloth you picked a wonderful pattern. I think I have to try that also ;)
    ...and you did a beautiful stiching and finish on the freebie!!!

  5. Love your DNF! The colours are so nice and I look forward to seeing it reported as a finish! As for your freebie finish, well that is the cutest thing and I just love how you finished it! Great knitting too! Have a nice weekend.

  6. I love how you finished the freebie! I have it printed out and in my to-do folder. Nice dishcloth too! They are so addicting! I'm sure you will have your DNF done in no time =)

  7. I just stumbled across your blog.
    I love that BBD and the dishcloth is a pretty design.
    Cute tag
    I'll be back

  8. Your DNF is really pretty and it will be finished soon. Just love your freebie is sooo cute!

  9. Just ove your freebie tag. You finished it off beautifully! And hang in there - you're almost finished with your DNF. And I like the pattern you picked for your dishcloth. Usually I don't see many of them with patterns in them - just one straight stitch.

  10. Love the BBD DNF piece :) I think you deserve a medal anyway, your finish of the easter tag is genius!

    Lovely knitted dishcloth too, nice pattern!

  11. EEk!!! I love your "eat your carrots" especially the colours in your basket of carrots!! I feel like i wish mine were that nice. :( As they say, the grass is often greener. Don't worry about the DNF!

  12. Your DNF looks great! Hey, every stitch you get to make makes you a winner, I think. ;) Love the dishcloth, too--it's too pretty to use on your dishes! GREAT job on the Eat Your Carrots--I love how you finished it.

  13. Another post to tell you I've nominated you for an award -- go see my blog. :D