Thursday, June 3, 2010

long time no post!

My apologies to for not posting or commenting this past month, sheer laziness in stitching too!
So many unread items on google reader that i just sailed through over 1000 posts in  total.Cannot read and comment properly but am caught up and will try to be better.

for BBD SAL not many making a baby sampler with the joyeux noel sampler letters and designs
i should be done next week.

otherwise have been knitting
completed first pair of socks last month:
this next photo...YIKES!

but they are cosy  :-)

then made a few dishcloths and a facecloth

am starting my first sweater
it is already hot here in Texas but i might get it complete by fall!

then DH finished his gray scarf last month

thats all from my world of handiwork
happy puttering in the yard and enjoying longer warmer days.