Friday, February 19, 2010

Prize from Paula !!!!! hooray!

Checked the mailbox today and looky there - a prize package of stitching goodies from Paula!
Sweet Luck!

She is planning on more giveaways in the near future so stay tuned to her blog:

*an assortment of linens
*red thread-varigated
*nice fat quarter of red fabric
*sweet charms and pearl heart button
Thank you so very much Paula.
I already have ideas churning in my mind.

here is a quick peek at whats being created this week, mostly while watching olympics:

I might actually get this BBD sampler finished before closing ceremonies
don't look too close....I am not known for frogging...just forging on....
next time I will have it ironed and take pic in daylight.

fingerless mittens for DS#3....he will be 18 on Sunday

  mittens are probably not on his wishlist ....but.....  ;0)
DH is on to new project fancy rib knit scarf....more pics later
oh Paula, DH says "Hey, those little scissors might be handy!"

I told him to watch your blog for future sign ups, if you don't play you can't win.
thanks again

have a good weekend.....find joy in your pursuits...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

have a sweet day

sweet...also the lemon tree is blooming next to stitching chair.....smells wonderful
and although there are plenty of  projects unfinished, I could not help myself and had to start a
sampler that  I ordered though ABC stitch therapy ....on sale!
Doubtful but will try to complete by the end of the Olympics....that will be my olympic goal.
of course i checked out 2 easy reads at the library
(m.c. beaton mysteries make me chuckle,agatha raisin is like watching ' i love lucy')
(and the white horse is a juvenile book, but sometimes those are the best told tales)
that will cut into stitching time
but the sun is finally shining and the birds are singing
hooray.....i think a little reading outdoors is in order

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Finish Fest

A weekend of satisfying completions:
DH casts off the final stitch on his first knitted blanket, for nephew due in March:

I completed my first pair of mittens, now on to socks!

Also completed the BBD heart, filled with dried lavender, ready to hang on gift bag for the upcoming weekend.
One more little finish below for a friend who is about to tackle chemotherapy.....she is a lovely person
whom I wish strength and all the good.

For all your kind words and smiles.............I thank you...
DH thanks you
.....stay warm ....may your casserole of snow subdue in the north ..........
.........hope cupid sends you an arrow of laughter and joy.....
smiles corinna

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

yikes ...i started more

mittens...I know  can !

then I saw this:
and searched the linen stash for gingham ...already have the pattern book
-found blue gingham
-stitched 1/1
-have to finish the piece before feb14

note the purchase of beige khaki
linen in the background of next pic....
plans for one more........
maybe before valentines....
we shall see

hope the days ahead allow you time to accomplish your goals