Wednesday, April 28, 2010

short report

well i had trouble with blogger
but now all is working reason that was repaired on my end....\
tried to upload photo below as new header
no success there
maybe next week.......

the day to share BBD SAL progress is thursday but i will be away from computer for a few days
so am updating today.....little progress but already looking at what will be next project.
see the sidebar for all the beautiful works in progress in the group.....

i am thinking this will
be finished as a pin pillow
with beaded edge
.......high hopes!

i know the zinnia is from the nursery

but the seedlings are from the gift
pkg from Lainey a week and a
half ago....they have already
sprouted ----fun

DH finished scarf for niece....we will be visiting with SIL and her family this wknd
i will grab a snapshot of her wearing it
it looks and feels great........this photo taken while it was being blocked in spare room.

i will visit blogs again next week
'til then happy handiworks!

Monday, April 19, 2010

RAK from Lainey

Better title would be friendship blossoms from Scotland!
I was happily surprised by these lovely unexpected gifts from Lainey in my mailbox!

Yellow blossom
garden seeds
already planted....
yes already planted!
chocolate tempting
eating it bit by delicious
sweet bird-suncatcher
ornament .....
thank you Lainey.....what a pleasant surprise
I will tend my "scottish" flowerbed well.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

quick update

-not too much stitching this week
but I have begun Bird in Hand
the talented ladies of BBD SAL keep me inspired and motivated

I was going to stitch pink on brown....but chose scarlet and chartreuse instead
something different- we shall see how it turns out-

DH has come along way on knitting a scarf for one of his nieces

that is all for this week
pleasant handicraft hours to each of you....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

starting out on a new foot!

I finished my first sock.......I know it needs a partner but I had fun wearing it .....
good thing they sell socks in stores or i would wrap bags around my feet as slowly as I knit...
also the first rose in the garden, with the first sock of the season  ;-)

and my next BBD SAL choice.......
but planning to stitch it in pink
on beige or brown linen

i also am liking this simple sampler idea from a BBD quilt book

in the meantime check out the fantastic finishes and progress of the other ladies in the BBD SAL group on the side bar.....

asundries this past week:
 made tab top valances for kitchen windows

and put a few stitches into feather your nest

poor photo
but maybe it will spur
me on to get this

have a warmer week......smiles, corinna

Thursday, April 1, 2010

complete ..."american star"

just woke from an after work nap....
finished this little lovely yesterday

have been knitting on first sock too
no progress photo but i did turn the heel this past weekend
will take photo when i complete it.......not too far to go

so now have to decide how to finish this piece

i need to visit the blogs of all the other ladies in the BBD SAL
i am sure to find inspiration there
along with all the other blogs i follow

off to google
have a happy weekend