Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas Day!

Delightful Eve and Day of Christmas,
eve is always my favorite, but this
afternoon was
especially nice as
I went for a walk
and checked the mailbox to find
this sweet ornanment
from Melissa my Fair and Square
exchange partner........


thanks melissa
and thanks to you all
for your nice comments
and to all the stitchy bloggers
for lovely inspiration!

Smiles and happiness
as we head toward the new year...Corinna

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

more ornamentation....

.....just completed, all I need to do is make a corded hanger for these 2, they are to be gifted this weekend:

(so you can see the size)

On the above I used the letters from the sampler in the BBD joyuex noel  pattern book.

I wanted to share this next ornament from last year, because it is one of my favorite, I loved stitching the alphabet with the thread ....I think the thread was called seemed so non christmas in color and the picture does not do it justice , but trust me it is perfect with the snowman and the linen, from Homespun Elegance....Snowman Sampler:

Here is what is currently in the hoop: titled feather your nest from

My first time to stitch 28 ct 1/2 stitch over 1 thread, let me say I am a fan,
the colors in this are perfect too.....(dmc which makes me happy, because it is at hand) and the chart and notations are so helpful for those with eyes that like bright daylight (if you know what I mean)   ;0)

Friday, December 11, 2009

be merry

once again, inspired by blackbird designs joyeux noel....the sampler letters
used them to create a small ornament....still need some more finishing

but sometimes things sit half finished or un finished for a long time

not these:

neopolatin cookies and date drops
i made dozens & dozens & dozens  ...they are hidden for a cookie exchange at LNS tomorrow

here is a quick pic of an ornament made last dec, this small pattern came from an old anna magazine

have a warm hearted weekend

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

candy box......

here is a pic of the candy box for kathy at

it was such a fun feeling to have won her giveaway ......
i had been playing with thread color on a small piece of linen for a piece from
little by little..

titled quaker rose....well it was just a small scrap of linen
but as i stitched, i thought of  fashioning it into an ornament or some such item.
then i thought of kathy and one stitch led to was a bit haphazard but fun.
it became a box top to chocolates........also inspired by the noel box in the blackbird designs, joyuex noel pattern book.........

(sorry about the typing
i have cookies to bake)
prioritizing time!

here is a pic of an ornament i made last year
i saw it on stacis blog
it is from a readers digest cross stitch book

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Back from Chicago!

You did not even know I went, but yes 3 days in Chicago, bundled up in mittens and coats,
DH and I just went for fun and holiday shopping and sight seeing..........LOveD IT !

While in chicago Melissa received her fair and square exchange.
so I can post these pics of what I made for her from 2008 JCS christmas ornaments by Blackbird Designs:

We decided to gift each other the finishing of our squares as a christmas extra...
this was a fun exchange and a delight to stitch.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ho ho ho here we go............

Back to work and stitching post thanksgiving,
which was hosted by DS1 and his roomate in university town
about 90 minutes from here.
They had a football game to attend that evening
we all brought food, roomates parents came too........
(fun and game playing post meal
but i forgot to ask if i could post their faces)
here is a photo of the smorgasbord

and  a lovely table setting...I was impressed .....

DS 3 who still lives here at home putting on his best for "turkey " day at DS1's apt

I have been is all a secret for later..
til then here is a fun pattern I stitched last Nov from
titled  Parson Brown

happy holiday stitching to you all....   :0)     corinna