Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ta da

ta da -DA....finished 2 nights ago....wheeeee......BBD willow house..
enjoyable stitch !

of course I made color changes

and as always I am off by a few stitches somewhere!
so I fudge about to make it work.

 nice linen to stitch on.....

finished another 'just enough ruffles scarf"...

now on to learn to sock knitting.

DH is
steadily working
on scarves for
future gifts....
fancy rib stitch....
that is the name
of the stitch...
it is very dense
and thick......

that's all for now
have a great week


  1. Corrinna - your finish is wonderful. I just love the colors - so springy - looking at it makes me smile. And I just love your scarf. I'd love to know who the designer is on it. That scarf is so versatile! And good luck with the sock knitting. One thing I'd love to learn because they look so soft!

  2. You are funny "that's all for now" - wow that's a lot - Love everything - Wow!

  3. Corrinna your finish is beautiful, I just love the colour changes. Thank you so much for offering me the chart I would love to have it. I will email you later.
    Enjoy wearing that gorgeous scarf.

  4. I love the colors you chose for Willow House! And the scarf is beautiful, I love the yarn that you used! I've seen the pattern for that and wanted to knit it up, it looks like it would be a fun one to wear!

  5. Beautiful finishes! I love that green of the scarf! And your DH's scarves. It must be so much fun with the two of you knitting or stitching away together. :D

  6. Wonderful projects! I am back to stitching for now but I did some tatting over the weekend. I have posted my March give-away if you're interested =)

  7. Corinna, you and your DH are busy like a bees and everything is sooo lovely! Your willow house is phantastic!!! ...and your scarf looks very elegant.
    Compliments also to your DH!!!

  8. Oh, cute! Everything, including DH's stuff, looks good! :D

  9. Such a pretty finish! Love it.

  10. Corinna, wow! I love the color changes that you made to Willow House. It's beautiful! Making a few counting errors--I always figure that they are my way of making the piece my own. Sometimes it becomes more my design than what the designer had intended, but at least I enjoy it along the way. ;) The knitting projects are wonderful, too.

  11. Congrats! Great finish, lovely colours :)

    I love your scarf too, just my colour!

  12. Willow House looks wonderful, congratulations! I love the scarf too - is it a free pattern?

  13. What a beautiful piece. Congratulations on the big finish!

  14. A gorgeous finish, the colours are beautiful. More knitting for me to drool over - love the scarf. I really am going to have to pick up the knitting needles for next winter.

  15. You do such beautiful work! Your stitchin' and our knittin'! I haven't been secure enough to change any colors when I have cross stitched in the past, but I should. I just need to do it.

  16. Great works!!
    I love BBD, and this personal interpretation is great!!
    Have you a wonderful day....
    I thanks you for your passage to my blog with a little mail...
    Hugs from Venice

  17. What a marvel! Your blog is very beautiful, I am delighted by connaitre this good address
    Best regards of France


  18. This is really a very nice finish, congratulations. I also love to see all your knitted pieces.

  19. I love this one I stitched last year,but I'm addict to all BBD!!They are my favourite drug!!!Couson

  20. Great finishes! Congratulations!