Thursday, March 25, 2010

oh brother!!!

hello stitching friends
not much progress here
but BBD SAL is slightly further along -click on the names
in the BBD SAL group in the side bar to see their progress this week:

As usual, I have already noted non frogged errors,
which will remain without fuss.
Note the new stash in the photo below
I could not resist:
even if they never get stitched.....what fun to dream about over a cup of tea!

But the big photos to share were just emailed to me by my "knitting since new year" brother....
another prayer shawl....and he has started a prayer shawl ministry at his church:

  Oh Brother you are wonderful!
Hope your weeks end is pleasing and warm.....smiles---corinna

fyi from my brother: Oh, I forgot. On the shawl I used Lions Brand Homespun - Golden, CO57, K3P3 throughout.


  1. Great progress on your SAL and nice choices for new stash! Brightneedle is coming here for my LNS's retreat next year. I am hoping to go. The samples they sent are awesome! I bought the Honeysuckle Manor book as well as the Bluebird and Bird in Hand charts.

    That is really great that your brother started a prayer shawl ministry! Beautiful shawl too =)

  2. the last book is beautiful ;)
    also your stitch has gone fast ^_^
    ciao Maria

  3. Love your SAL...great progress. Love the shawl too...your brother did a great job.

  4. Bravissima Corinna e grazie per passare a trovarmi. Mi fa strano che sto scrivendo a te, io che non parlo una sola parola d'inglese, dalla'ltra parte del mondo. Tantissimi baci.


  5. I love the colors on your BBD piece! So pretty! And wow, you have a knitting brother as well as a knitting husband! I am totally in awe of your luck.

  6. Everything is beautiful! Love the BBD SAL and new stash. The color on that prayer shawl looks like sunshine!

  7. Hi Corinna!!
    To me seems you has made great progress!!!
    Very beautiful your embroidery!
    This BBD project is really grandiose that also unites the friends to so great distance!!!
    My english is bad, as usual....
    Have you a great day!!
    Good WE

  8. Your BBD is very pretty and I love your approach to deviations from the chart :)

    Love your brother's prayer shawl too - you have some very talented men in your life!

  9. The sampler is coming along beautifully - love the giant tulip! And congrats on the new stash, I keep leafing through my copy of the book.

  10. Your BBD is so pretty and colourful Corinna, can;t wait to see more.
    Lovely new stash to play with and your brothers shawl is just beautiful! Hugs.

  11. Hi Corinna, I love this BBD pattern, and your progress great!!
    Beautiful new BBD book!
    Congrats for all!
    Have a nice w-e!
    p.s. sorry for my little english!! :-)

  12. It was wonderful to visit with you and your husband today at the yarn shop! Your blog is lovely -- I've just been looking through it, and your projects are beautiful. That baby quilt you made a while back is jaw-droppingly gorgeous! I've always imagined I might quilt someday, but I probably shouldn't try to pick up any more interests at the moment...small children, small house... :) My husband says I leave enough of my projects all about the house as it is. :)

  13. Beautiful stitching, Corinna! It is lovely. I like the new stash, too. I think the BBD book is a treasure. The shawl that your brother did--wow! I am so impressed, it's fantastic.

  14. a great progress!
    ciao Corinna!

  15. Lovely progress on your BBD SAL and I love your new stash!! I am very impressed by your brother's prayer shawl!

  16. Hi Corinna, thanks for your comment!
    I see you like the Black Bord designs too, this model is fantastic.
    Have a nice day!

  17. Your stitching is beautiful as always! Creativity must run in your family. How fun to have a brother who knits. My brother knew how to cast on, for some reason when we were young, and he would help me. But, I don't think he knows how to knit anymore.