Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy pumpkin to me!

I spied these lovely pumpkins made by Patti at
Ordered them on Mon or Tues...they arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

There were 2 pumpkins, but we had guests, and it was like a mini fall fest opening the package together last night. I gifted the smaller pumpkin to her.
So even the package opening is a nice memory, and let me say it was packaged so beautifully,with an artisic card , bright orange tissue paper , lovely ribbon and autumnal trim....ahhhh

(of course i plowed right in without taking a photo

here is a stitch from many halloweens ago...

My wish for you...spooky sweetness & no cavities

smiles, corinna

Thursday, October 29, 2009

halloween covered tea tin

This is what our weekend guests will find hanging on their bedroom doorknob this weekend.

made it from cylindrical tea tin....i found the fabric at joanns a few weeks ago..."had to have some" reason at time of purchase....

chocolate filled fun!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shepherds Bush Remake

Done with the Glad Tidings remake, I am pleased with the outcome.
Plus it fits in a 5x7 frame to go shop for that....
I still plan to do the actual chart correctly one day...

I am still working on the photo taking , bear with me.

a halloween shout out
 from the goldfish

ps ...
spinister stitcher  and anna at ask whats in your stitch bag
nothing til I grab a grocery or zip lock bag and grab something from this pile to  take with me

everything is in an organized (to my way of thinking) area on the foot stool in front of my chair or in the basket beside it:

then in the basket charts to plan for, my boxes of thread, with the highly unorganized box of
non DMC threads:

oh and the never ending ...Big Zipper kit.....someday

that doesn't include the table next to the sofa........or the sewing room....oh yes!
I asked my hubby to place something in the sewing room once, he just laughed and said " Now which room would that be?"    SMART MOUTH

Sunday, October 25, 2009

one goal attained

Completed  one weekend goal......halloween costume, will deliver to middle son and his girlfriend sometime midweek. She seemed delighted with photo, now crossing my fingers hoping it fits.

Off to jog a little and build up an appetite for chicken and apple sausages on the grill.
Happy Halloween week, here is a doormat I have had since the late 1980's ....remember when these were
a popular craft.....this one was made for my home by a friend.....I have always been amazed at how clean it has kept .

Have a  frightfully good week...........corinna

oh P.S..> go to Sharon's blog at for
her blogiversary feline fun....but more    than that the great projects and finishes.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hopeful weekend....

It looks to be a glorious weekend weatherwise here in central Texas

Lots of crafty irons in the fire , not much complete but here is an idea:

merry christmas may be paired with this red and white plaid to become a stocking or pillow,

then I must complete this costume for middle sons girlfriend, as they are attending renaissance festival on halloween night, the only handstitching going on there is some basting....just the vest left to shall be complete by sunday evening.........

Also, I continue to attempt to learn to knit the same washcloth  over and over this futile?
Perhaps, but wouldn't it be great to knit your own socks like Staci over at and Jill at
Maybe I could make two washcloths and tie them on my feet......gotta have hope...   :0)

and a quick pic of a sampler finished early this year, January I think...sometimes a project is completed.

Best of all today at 8 am I went to see orthopedic doctor for plantar fasciitis and he injected my heel, and it feels like heaven to have the pain subside.
Hubby and I are signed up for a half marathon gallop in San Antonio the middle of next month...I just lope along no fast pace, but i would like to endure the course of the run....we shall see, I have hope..
Even if I walk the whole thing it will be good.
All the best, whatever your weekend plans, look forward to reading your blogs.

Monday, October 19, 2009

la d da on chocolate linen

hooray for another small holiday stitching
from the JCS christmas issue
the ornament design by La D Da
only the colors were changed
due to this lovely chocolate brown linen

plan to finish it into a bag or perhaps pillow for the winter season

 2 new treats to think and plan for :         :0)

thanks and smiles


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

fall on the wall

just a quick pocket finish for the wall
easy & fun

Saturday, October 10, 2009

delicious day

great morning find
delicious moist marble cake recipe here
had it baked before 11 am
coffee and cake this pm

also completed a small fall design from lizzie kate.
just random threads
on some old coffee stained aida cloth

now to be more productive and finish it into something proper......or stack it up in the pile of hopeful finishes.

i received this pattern last fall from e handcrafts

i really enjoy mary kathyrns blog it can be found on the same site
it was one of the first stitching blogs i ever read

thats where the little scissors on the blog header picture are from too,
they are my faves

i have been happily addicted to all the stitching blogs since....
smiles corinna

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a little progress

a lovely day here
cooler temps
high i think in the upper 70's
perfect for windows open tea and stitching and perusing stitchy blogs
and for my dear friend sandie to come over and do needlwork
good company is always a gift

first we had a lovely lunch and tea with dessert at friar tucks down town
then we came back the windows were open and we stitched and shared our latest news and thoughts
i made a little more progress on the shepeherds bush remake- see photos
then at about 3pm (as i was on call for the hospital until that time)
we made some delicious progress on a chocolate orange and wine

contents almost all digested but some evidence in bottom photo

thanks for a wonderful time sandie

next time i will get pics of her handiwork
i just did not think of it at the time

too busy having fun

she is an amazing needleworker
quilt award winner
i could go on and on

best of all a great person

Monday, October 5, 2009

live simply

completed this piece last month
framed and ready for christmas gift for one of my sons
it was a pleasure to stitch
from primitive needle, titled simply live

i used threads i had at hand and that was fun too

Simple living is not about living in poverty or self-inflicted deprivation. Rather, it is about living an examined life —

and have made some small progress on my redo of glad tidings
i still have motifs and words to add
just have look at it longer to decide
where to place things

as a cost savngs for finishing,
i would like to make it fit in a 5x7 ready frame

i think i can i think i can


Saturday, October 3, 2009

pumpkin keeper

completed pumpkin keeper punch needle project from
it called for a real pumpkin stem
but for lack of same i just twisted a fold of fabric and sewed it into place

finally cooler and damp weather here in texas
so a nice precursor to fall



Friday, October 2, 2009

sort of glad tidings

okay ....this is the objective
however, i started stitching over one it was looking great
i arrived at the white thread.................OH NO
and of course as i was stitching along i also realized
the charm of an angels flute
would be longer than the angel on an over one stitch

so i have just turned the q snaps sideways and will use the motifs to arrive at my own version
but i have another piece of linen to complete the original.......hmmmm maybe next year

i have the day off with dh
we are off to round top antiquues fair
he is so excited....ha ha
we have never been but sounds interesting
have a great weekend

thanks for your kind comments