Friday, February 19, 2010

Prize from Paula !!!!! hooray!

Checked the mailbox today and looky there - a prize package of stitching goodies from Paula!
Sweet Luck!

She is planning on more giveaways in the near future so stay tuned to her blog:

*an assortment of linens
*red thread-varigated
*nice fat quarter of red fabric
*sweet charms and pearl heart button
Thank you so very much Paula.
I already have ideas churning in my mind.

here is a quick peek at whats being created this week, mostly while watching olympics:

I might actually get this BBD sampler finished before closing ceremonies
don't look too close....I am not known for frogging...just forging on....
next time I will have it ironed and take pic in daylight.

fingerless mittens for DS#3....he will be 18 on Sunday

  mittens are probably not on his wishlist ....but.....  ;0)
DH is on to new project fancy rib knit scarf....more pics later
oh Paula, DH says "Hey, those little scissors might be handy!"

I told him to watch your blog for future sign ups, if you don't play you can't win.
thanks again

have a good weekend.....find joy in your pursuits...


  1. Lovely winnings.
    Great progress on BBD.
    Love those fingerless gloves.
    The Olympics are sure keeping everyone's fingers busy LOL.

  2. Great giveaway you won. Love your bbd wip and those mitts are great. I do an even easier version with no thumb! Bit of a cheat really. x

  3. Lovely goodies you got from Paula! Your WIP looks great so far - good luck getting it done by the end of the Olympics!

  4. What nice goodies to find in your mailbox! Love how your BBD is coming along, this will be a finish in no time at all. The fingerless mitts are great! Early happy birthday to your son!

  5. Lovely prize winnings! And I loooove that BBD piece! So beautiful! It's fun to watch what you and your DH knit up too!

  6. What a great prize! I just love your I have to move it up closer to the top. I am so easily influenced. happy stitching...and knitting.

  7. Congratulations on winning the giveaway. You got some wonderful things. Your BBD is coming along nicely, and I just love your knitting!

  8. Enjoy your wonderful goodies! Happy Knitting!!!

  9. I am very glad that you liked the goodies that I sent! Your BBD is looking great and I love the fingerless mitts. I have several patterns printed out to try for those but haven't got to them yet. I will be doing another give-away next month so keep watch. Both you AND your DH are welcome to enter =)

  10. What great goodies you have won. Love your BBD start its really nice, what colour is the fabric you are using, I like that too.

  11. Such a nice package from Paula.
    Your BBD is looking so great. It has a bord, it has flowers and absolutely great colours - what do we need more. I love everything on it.
    Hmm, looking out the window I know what we need more: mittens like the ones you knitted, lol.

  12. very nice gift from Paula
    you BBD looks lovely
    the colours are great
    congratulations for the things you make, they're really cute

  13. Corinna I am very happy for you to win such a lovely prize! Congratualtions!!!
    Your stitching and the mittens are outstanding!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful works!

  14. What lovely gifts--lucky you!

    Your BBD looks great! What design is it? Love your progress. I'm not big on frogging, either, if I can get away with it. I go for the Amish thing--only God is perfect, so I keep one or two (or ten or twelve) mistakes in my work. ;)

    Great mittens!

  15. What a fun gift you won! And what a productive week you've had. I laughed at your comment about not frogging your cross stitching. I stitched a beautiful sampler ages ago and didn't notice that I'd stitched the Z in the alphabet section backwards. The letters were all connected, and I never fixed it. Hardly anyone ever noticed.

  16. Looking through your blog today. Lovely stuff! I love that your husband knits. Mine stitches but I don't think I could get him to pick up my knitting needles. His best friend knits though.

  17. Thanks alot for coming on my blog!You received lovely goodies & the BBD is great,I made it too!Kisses .Couson