Thursday, March 18, 2010

BBD...stitch along

thank you always for all your kind and encouraging comments

I was invited to join Nadia and her fellow stitchers
for a BBD  SAL (blackbird designs stitch along)
So that is a fun weekly motivator:
I have chosen a small sampler as my first project:
not much
progress yet...

...but it is
an enjoyable
choosing from
colors that I have
here at home.

also attempting to knit my first pair of socks-

and made a small token of thanks for Paula for the gift of her sweet prize:

i know i need to add everyone in thee BBD SAL as a list to my post
but that will probably be next week...til then see Nadia's blog  for all participants and their talents.....
I need to figure out how to save that list as permanent link
but it is time for sleep now.....

thanks for stopping by


  1. I just love the purple socks! Your new BBD start is nice too. Thanks again for the lovely gift! I can't wait to take it to the next guild meeting for show and tell =)

  2. Hi Corinna,
    I'm very happy you are in the group!
    I know your new BBD, is very nice ( like all BBD ) .....
    Your start is a great start, and I can see you don't embroider only!
    Sorry my bad english, have you a great day!

  3. "j'adore"your socks and this new BBD.

  4. so lovely all the things you have showed in this post, Paula's gift is great, and the sampler I am sure it will be really gorgeous
    have a nice day
    best wishes

  5. Oooh, fun! I can't wait to watch your BBD progress along with the other talented ladies in your SAL. What a beautiful gift for Paula! I love the socks, too. YGG! You're a woman of many talents.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. What a sweet piece to be stitching. Looks wonderful so far. Yours will be beautiful. Great knitting too! That little piece you did for Paula is adorable. Is that a tin?

  7. What a lovely BBD piece for a SAL. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress! Sweet gift for Paula. And, of course, I loved seeing the knitting.

  8. Hi Corinna, welcome to the SAL! That's a lovely start you have, and I love the rest of your work too.

  9. Very nice start on your BBD.
    The little box you made for Paula is stunning. So tiny and so perfectly done.

  10. I love your BBD start and your sock start. And that present for Paula is just wonderful!

  11. Lovely start on your BBD Corinna, can;t wait for more up-dates.
    Your little box is just gorgeous and ohhh purple socks, yum, yum , yum.. lol!

  12. Hi Corinna, welcome to the SAL ;)
    happy stitching
    hugs Maria

  13. go to your "bookmark" tab at the top of the page and click it. you can permanently save the link that way, you stitching mama!

  14. I really like your start on that pattern! And your sock start too! I've just got to learn how to make those one of these days. The gift for Paula is wonderful.

  15. Love your new BBD start...I've always loved that pattern. Your socks look fantastic...I'd never guess they were your first pair! And that little tin for Paula is just precious!!!

  16. Socks are looking good - that little gift for Paula is so sweet and your piece you started for BBD is great! CAn't wait to see more

  17. Hello! the sal is fantastic, I like so much the black bird designs!
    I have two proyects in mind about it!
    Congratulations for your blog. Hugs from Spain!

  18. A BBD SAL is always a great thing. I joined two in the past and it was always a fun stitch. I love your choice, it's a lovely design and your made some nice progress on it.

  19. Oh!! I love your sock yarn. That k2,p2 ribbing is my favorite for socks. They're much less likely to "slouch" with that. And I notice that you're using wooden or bamboo needles. That's the only way to go as far as I'm concerned.

    Your little gift to Paula is darling. You wouldn't consider doing a little tutorial for it would you. It's so sweet!

  20. Corinna, Thanks so much! I thought it looked like the base was from an altoid container. I can't wait to make one:)

  21. What a nice little start.

    That little tin you made is gorgeous!

  22. I like your start on the BBD piece! And your socks too - purple is a great color! And the Altoid container is wonderful! I'm sure that Paula loved it!

  23. Love your new start and that little box is beautiful. Hope you manage your first pair of socks! Look forward to seeing them finished. x