Tuesday, November 10, 2009

batteries obtained

Well I have not posted
due to sheer procrastination on obtaining batteries for the camera,
but we are now in working order again.
(back up batteries too)
It requires lots of pics to get a non shaky one (I can really use up the energy)!
Frame 5x7 found for $5.86 at department store...

so that is complete and ready for christmas gifting

and knitting is progressing one useable washcloth in sink,
and washcloth #2 in progress....I know white....silly me
but I thought it would help to learn to knit with a solid.....live and learn

all righty, then a lovely surprise visit from DS and his girlfriend on Sat
they gifted me with these

and their lovely company!

This is what is currently in the hoop :

I plan to stitch the beard momentarily,
I am going to use wisper thread for the beard...we shall see how that transpires.
Then knitting class at 2pm at LNS...will also purchase a star button for Santa then, so he can be all jazzed up.
I am thinking I will try to knit a scarf next......wheeeeeee.

this is my first stitched item, I believe I was @ 8 years old.
My grandmother "Omi" lived in Germany, she mailed me a christmas gift of threads
and a stamped cloth as we had just been stationed back toTexas.
I was happy to have them,but recall thinking "I could go play",
esp when warmer weather came and my Mom said you really should get this done...
(spoken with her accent and well meaning direction)
so I did ...looks like completion and playtime were more important than neat stitches
but i still have and use this :

yikes...but i love it
smiles and cool weather happiness...........corinna


  1. I love your SB finish and frame...lovely!
    And your lovely Wee Santa...Darling!
    Your very first project at 8 years old? Why that is natural ability for sure!

  2. Lovely SB finish, it's going to be a gorgeous Christmas gift. Your knitting looks very nice as does your cute Santa wip.

    Your very first project is really impressive!!!

  3. Love your Shepherd's Bush piece! It's so cute and your frame is perfect.

    I collect those HIHN Santas, I need to actually stitch them.

    Fun seeing your first stitched piece too :-).

  4. Oh Corinna! I love your first stitch! How very sweet you still use it. I enjoy the fact your grandmother sent it to you to stitch. ***hugs***

  5. I love your first stitched piece and am amazed that you still have it! Your grandmother must be very proud of the stitcher you have turned out to be!

  6. Your stitching is wonderful Corinna.
    And congratulations for winning my give away ono my blog!!! I need you to contact me with your address so I can send it to you. You can email me through my website. I have it on the sidebar.

  7. i'm here! and love to see what you are working on. xoxo, p