Saturday, November 21, 2009

as Fun to Give as it was to receive!

.....right back to you....
It was such fun to receive a give away (see last post)
so here is a holiday give away to you
it will be quick  (greater odds of winning)
I will draw the name Monday evening, that is 2 days from now.
That way the winner might receive >>>>>>>>>>CHOCOLATE<<<<<<<< before Thanksgiving, I will try to mail it on Tuesday,
also included is the pattern I just completed from Stacy Nash titled Winter Woolens.

I actually ordered the candy about 1 and 1/2 weeks ago
as I needed a bigger old 1lb box is the keeper of non DMC type threads
but it is getting over stuffed
so a girl has to do what a girl has to do
I ordered a 2lb box
but as I was ordering I thought why not add an addtl 1lb box for gifting.....
the open box below is my 2lb box

The give away box is securely wrapped in the fridge.
I adore the stitching girl on the box cover.......

So just leave a comment on this post and your name will be in the drawing........
if you do not stitch, please say so as I would like the pattern to go to someone who will give it a happy and useful home........then if your name wins for the chocolate I can draw seperately for the pattern....makes sense to me.......all clear.....have a fun to you on Monday evening!


  1. Did you say chocolates? Please enter me in your drawing. Oh yes, I do stitch.

  2. Not only do I love the stitching pattern, but the chocolates look to die for!!! Please enter my name in the drawing and I will keep my fingers crossed.

  3. Wow, chocolate and stash, who could resist???

    Enter me please!

  4. those chocolates look luscious! count me in please. I'm a stitcher too!

  5. i eat chocolates and sometimes i get a stitch...when i run. i would so know what to do with the turtles, not so much the pattern. you know what to do :)

  6. Love the pattern and ummm err the chocolates they look very tempting, please can I be added to your giveaway draw

  7. I'd walk 13.1 miles for those chocolates. I don't stitch but I know a guy who might. Your walking partner.

  8. Please, enter me. Chocolate and stash are irresistable. And yes, I'm a stitcher, too.

  9. I can sniff out chocolate any where LOL!! It brought me right to your blog! yes, I do stitch and would love to win that stitchery and chocolate. What a "sweet" give away Corinna!

  10. What a nice gesture...would love some chocolate! And stash too.

  11. Hi Corinna,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment :)
    I'd love to enter your draw. Who doesn't love chocolate but I have to say I love stitching more!


  12. I'm new (having come over from Karen's blog), but if I'm still elligible, then I'd love to enter! The black kitty on the chocolate box is too cute! And I LOVE prim designs. :D