Sunday, November 15, 2009

good friends, walking, and stitching

This weekend was spent in San Antonio with our dear friends ..... she and I first met in 2cnd grade.......then our hubbys were post high school roomates.....crazy fun ever since.
We participated in the rock n roll 1/2 marathon
dh ran...the rest of us walked.....woke at 0430 am
We are smiling because our feet are still happy then!

34,000 participants
ran past the alamo...........

but I  still had time to stitch as sweet friend cooked in the kitchen like a mega hostess
while I asked if there was anything I could do to help btwn stitches:

santa still needs button
and finishing into something

Winter Woolens was a fun stitch, finished early last week:  another one that needs finishing.
Finished wash cloth #2 on Friday, LNS owner taught me to crochet around the edge.
The actual cloth is misshapen....but it was fun, (soap hides some flaws :0) .....)

I started knitting a scarf...more pics later....
Hope your week is good


  1. Oh the Santa is wonderful! What a perfect Christmas stitch!

  2. Hi Corinna, I can see I'll have to do a blog post about the different sorts of cream we have over here in the UK :)

    Lovely stitching!

  3. Congrats on your half-marathon! Love all your stitching, especially that SN one! And your washcloth looks fantastic, love that ruffly edge :)

  4. i moosey on over here this morning, post marathon, and am SURPRISED! by pics of all of us! this is fantastic. we had so much fun, and santa needed attention so i was happy to have you stiching as i barely cooked (to her readers, it was a simple time at all).

    you are amazing all the way around, ms. 1/2 marathoner, sticher extraordinaire, wonderful friend of a lifetime. love ya!

  5. Glad someone is walking .... and stitching for that matter! Great stitching.

  6. What a load of fun!! The comraderie part, not so much the run part, LOL! Love the stitching, too. The santa is adorable!

  7. You do some very lovely stitching. I love the Santa you finished.