Thursday, November 19, 2009

This past friday the 13th was my lucky day !

Thanks to Kathy @, Rugs of mine time..........
and her great blog giveaway... I arrived home to find this gift in the mailbox:
I had already experienced the "Miss America" excitement when I read I had won last week,
just giddy trying to hold my crown in place and wave at the crowds and dab at the mascara.

Then came the box filled with goodies ....I thought, man that pillow is bigger than I thought in this big box, but no
the box was filled with treasures
and just like mary poppins carpet bag, I kept reaching in and there was more :

2 lovely pieces of wool fabric , one plaid and the other russet shaded, hand dyed by Kathy.
love the signature tag on the Give Thanks pillow
oh yes there's more:

a beautiful wreath of fall berries....mmm hmmm fall berries.....
and this lovely votive candle holder with a non flammable candle...
nope thats not all.....
hang on to your threads folks:

28 ct linen, a nice lovely piece and these threads of harvest shades.
yes indeedy do....every Friday the 13th in the future will remind me of luck and sheer fun because of Kathy
and her kindness....what a great way to bring the childlike fun of the holidays here...
Thank you so very much.

I already have plans for Kathys wool with additional inspiration from these fantastic books that I received in the mail a couple of weeks ago....check them out if you get the chance...great stuff....I am esp. loving the wool applique designs in "cold wind" and "with these hands"

all right one more look at all this goodness and thanks from my heart to Kathy.....

I am grateful......corinna


  1. What a great goodie box. Love the little pillow.

  2. What a fabulous gift--good for you! And those books--ack! I love 'em all. Enjoy!

  3. Hello Corinna! Just found your blog this morning. I love all the pix and especially your first piece - it's a treasure! Happy stitching and blogging! Janice M (F&S)

  4. Corinna, you are very, very welcome. Thank you for commenting on my blog about what you are thankful for. I'm thankful to you for sharing, so happy you won, and so thrilled, and touched, that you are so appreciative of what you have recieved... (again, you make me blush lol)
    I look forward to reading more of your blog and seeing what you stitch up, including your new wool applique you are going to do. Keep posting!

  5. What a lucky Friday the 13th for you! Enjoy all your wonderful goodies :)

  6. OmG! Love that stitched piece, but THE WOOL!! I'm so into wool right now--ever since I made my first penny rug in September (actually that started my primitive craze). This whole exchange is too scrumptious! (And, here I thought I lucked out b/c some linen I ordered came in billed at 13% off due to a Friday the 13th sale I was unaware existed!