Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shepherds Bush Remake

Done with the Glad Tidings remake, I am pleased with the outcome.
Plus it fits in a 5x7 frame ....now to go shop for that....
I still plan to do the actual chart correctly one day...

I am still working on the photo taking , bear with me.

a halloween shout out
 from the goldfish

ps ...
spinister stitcher  http://spinsterstitcher.blogspot.com/  and anna at http://stitchbitch.blogspot.com/ ask whats in your stitch bag
nothing til I grab a grocery or zip lock bag and grab something from this pile to  take with me

everything is in an organized (to my way of thinking) area on the foot stool in front of my chair or in the basket beside it:

then in the basket charts to plan for, my boxes of thread, with the highly unorganized box of
non DMC threads:

oh and the never ending ...Big Zipper kit.....someday

that doesn't include the table next to the sofa........or the sewing room....oh yes!
I asked my hubby to place something in the sewing room once, he just laughed and said " Now which room would that be?"    SMART MOUTH


  1. Very cute finish! Cute fish too.

  2. What a sweet finish! Congrats! Have fun frame-shopping :)

  3. Love your sampler! Your husband sounds like mine. Where do we find these guys? hahaha!