Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a little progress

a lovely day here
cooler temps
high i think in the upper 70's
perfect for windows open tea and stitching and perusing stitchy blogs
and for my dear friend sandie to come over and do needlwork
good company is always a gift

first we had a lovely lunch and tea with dessert at friar tucks down town
then we came back the windows were open and we stitched and shared our latest news and thoughts
i made a little more progress on the shepeherds bush remake- see photos
then at about 3pm (as i was on call for the hospital until that time)
we made some delicious progress on a chocolate orange and wine

contents almost all digested but some evidence in bottom photo

thanks for a wonderful time sandie

next time i will get pics of her handiwork
i just did not think of it at the time

too busy having fun

she is an amazing needleworker
quilt award winner
i could go on and on

best of all a great person

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