Friday, October 23, 2009

Hopeful weekend....

It looks to be a glorious weekend weatherwise here in central Texas

Lots of crafty irons in the fire , not much complete but here is an idea:

merry christmas may be paired with this red and white plaid to become a stocking or pillow,

then I must complete this costume for middle sons girlfriend, as they are attending renaissance festival on halloween night, the only handstitching going on there is some basting....just the vest left to shall be complete by sunday evening.........

Also, I continue to attempt to learn to knit the same washcloth  over and over this futile?
Perhaps, but wouldn't it be great to knit your own socks like Staci over at and Jill at
Maybe I could make two washcloths and tie them on my feet......gotta have hope...   :0)

and a quick pic of a sampler finished early this year, January I think...sometimes a project is completed.

Best of all today at 8 am I went to see orthopedic doctor for plantar fasciitis and he injected my heel, and it feels like heaven to have the pain subside.
Hubby and I are signed up for a half marathon gallop in San Antonio the middle of next month...I just lope along no fast pace, but i would like to endure the course of the run....we shall see, I have hope..
Even if I walk the whole thing it will be good.
All the best, whatever your weekend plans, look forward to reading your blogs.

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  1. I just love Merry Christmas on that chocolate fabric! soooo lovely :)

    thanks for visiting my blog .. I've added your blog to my list and I'll definately be back. Oh and I absolute love that coffee cup/tea cup in your blog header picture.