Sunday, January 17, 2010

this and that

lots of works in progress....
dh is a knitting prodigy

this is him
winding down after
his sunday a.m. jog

..his first knitting project
is now in use in the
kitchen sink

new nephew
expected in march
will be
receiving a baby blanket
from his uncle!

my brother sent me
a photo of his
2cnd sampler washcloth

as for myself....happily knitted a 2cnd scarf (pictures of same next time)
until then :

completed the above this morning, .......for dh....1982 the year we were married.....
this was an delightful pattern from heartstring primitives:
cute for valentines day...and his new found talent!
stitched this on the linen gifted from kathy (
it was perfect for this design......thanks again

Almost complete, the baby quilt from about 1 month ago........

professionally quilted by my dear friend sandie
i love the bird motif on the border
i gave her the top piece....she made magic happen
she added red border, outer border and straightened up my mismatched corners &
created the backing with remnant fabric

all i have to do is finish the binding....(look sandie almost there)
so hopefully a completion photo tomorrow
happy stitches and satisfaction with life


  1. I am in awe of your husband knitting! What a way to wind down after jogging. Love it!
    I was a little surprised to see my name here. So glad the linen came in handy. You are so very welcome..I love what you stitched! The pattern is adorable.
    You are one busy girl! The baby quilt looks so sweet. Can't wait to see it.
    Keep stitching!

  2. Some lovely finishes Corinna! Your husband certainly has caught the knitting bug, I love that he's knitting something for your new nephew due in March! A very special gift that will be! Your brother is going well in the knitting too!

  3. Corinna, what beautiful finishes! The quilt is going to be gorgeous--how neat with all the little extra touches. Very special. I love the stitchy finish--I plan to do the same for my bedroom. So far I have just been a collector of Beth's designs but not stitched any and hope to remedy that in 2010.

    I mentioned to my DH and DS that I have a friend whose husband and brother both knit, so I was going to buy some knitting needles and yarn and have the two of them knit up some afghans for me. The response was classic--just a few blinks of the eye--and they both turned away without comment. LOL I must call my brothers and mention it to them. I told them it was high time they put their TV watching time to good use. LOL It was worth a try! I love to see what your DH & brother knit--I just think it is so neat.

  4. You husband knitting, now I think that is sweet. My husband wouldn't do something like that if I begged him. (but he's not so dextrous either for some reason) :)
    I LOVE the baby quilt...its going to be so lovely all done up!

  5. Look at all the knitting going on! I'll grab my needle and be right over, lol ;)

    Love your Heartstring Primitives finish. And your quilt is lovely!

  6. Lovely finishes!
    The birds on the quilt are my favorite!
    "Stitch you in my Heart" is on my to do pile, hopefully before Valentine's Day.

    Blessings, Patti