Sunday, January 10, 2010

hello 2010

After a busy holiday season with many visitors,guests, and some traveling scattered throughout, the house is back to normal.....whatever that is......
Heres what was completed last week, my first knit pattern ever, a scarf pattern titled "Just Enough Ruffles"
found here

i loved knitting this
it was fairly easy...
of course i had to email
questions to the designer
twice, but she was most helpful,
as was the owner of my local
I currently have two
scarves in progress.
I feel like a knitter now, am thinking
it will be time to attempt socks this
spring or summer......
easy does it.

DH has been saying he might like to learn to knit

so after a bit of teaching...Behold!!!!

there you have it.....i love it..........
my brother came to visit with his family for new years and my brother learned to knit in one sitting,
This was added inspiration and challenge for DH.The photo below is my brothers wash cloth.
We all had fun with the nutty knitting circle......spoke with my brother yesterday he says he is onto washcloth #2 doing a "seed stitch"....and planning a scarf after that with an andalusian stitch.......I feel the mojo.

not much cross stitch happening, just a few little stitches here and there...
stay warm,


  1. Great knitting your scarf is lovely.

  2. i will stick with things i can make, then eat.

  3. Gorgeous scarf! Love that blue and those ruffles! Look at your hubby go!!!

  4. Happy New Year! Oh my goodness, I have to giggle. A group I belong to were just talking about knitting socks. Something I will never try. Can do the basic stitches, but can't make anything. "Although", I would like to make a dish cloth sometime. About the only thing I want to try. The guys are doing great! I'm totally impressed. How fun is that?? Need to show their faces in the next shots lol!

  5. Corinna,
    Lovely scarf! I've always wanted to try socks, but am afraid they would be beyond my ability... so I stick to simple scarves and dishcloths.
    How fun that your husband and brother are joining you! It's always more fun when you have someone to enjoy it with!
    Blessings, Patti

  6. No better time of year to pick up the knitting needles. I love your scarf - such a pretty one! I also love how your DH and brother caught the knitting bug!

  7. Beautiful scarf! I love that you got your DH and brother to knit. I could never get my DH to do that, but I have taught my son and daughter!

  8. I ordered that scarf, it is exactly what I was looking for to knit a birthday scarf for my sister-in-law! And then one for me, by the way! I found out how to make it longer, and am ready to begin with the exception that I need 40 inch cir. needles instead of the 29 inch I have. Your blue one is fantastic! And it's the first? You have great potential! Thanks for showing it off!

  9. Go Doug!

    Corinna, love your posts. Your pictures warm my heart. Tea and stitching--can't get much better.


  10. Hi Corinna,
    You are getting everyone knitting! LOL!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the great comment. Happy Stitching :)

  11. Hmmm, I have three brothers and one DH, and not one of them would contemplate picking up a pair of knitting needles! ;) Good for you for getting everybody working. Love the scarf you did, too!

  12. That's a lovely scarf :) You're inspiring many to knit :) LOVE IT!