Sunday, January 31, 2010

in the middle of things.....

DH is busier than I am, his progress on
nephews baby blanket is going gangbusters.
He even worked in 5 stars in the big green middle stripe.
"To learn something different"
So I have titled it 5 star blanket.

My brother who caught the knitting bug at the same time this past holiday, just emailed me photos of his latest finish...a prayer shawl for a friend of their family
who is struggling with illness......
lovely model is my brothers' wife...he said that they went to gift the shawl and
 it was a special experience:

well done

as for my self not much to show
stitching a bit, filling in tree trunks and hillsides....eep and ugh!  like being in the doldrums,
but i will row through to more letters and the big bird in the middle of this sampler:

am also working on a small undecided project for mother of nephew due:

may you all find warmth and satisfaction in the work of your hands.

p.s. am also reading a sweet book titled "The Scent of Water" by Elizabeth Goudge
it is an older book published 1963
if you are a jane austen fan , i believe you would enjoy this... even though the era is different
i have read other books of hers over the years and they are aways enjoyable
check it usually can at the library ;-)


  1. Lovely projects! I'm a big fan of EG, though I didn't like Green Dolphin Street. I've never read Scent of Water--sounds interesting. Little White Horse is one of my favorites from childhood.

  2. Sorry Corinna, no half measures, please come back and have another guess.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Your husband and brother are both very talented knitters! Beautiful work.

    I love your Country Stitches WIP - I think I considered buying that one but the all the fill-in put me off ;) Yours is looking great though!

  4. What a talented family you have! Beautiful work from everybody. Thanks for the book tip!

  5. That is so great that you have your DH and your brother knitting! I would love to know what yarn your bro used for the prayer shawl. Its such a beautiful blue! I love making prayer shawls too =) Have a great day!

  6. hey frank
    can you click on paulas blog name and send her that info
    love c

  7. Great knitting! Hope you get through the hill and the tree soon.

  8. What a talented and productive family! The family who stitches/knits together stays together, eh???

  9. Hi to Paula C.

    Thanks for your emcouragement. I used Lion's Homespun - Montana Sky for the prayer shawl. It's a rich warm blue that really fit the friend I knit it for.