Thursday, June 3, 2010

long time no post!

My apologies to for not posting or commenting this past month, sheer laziness in stitching too!
So many unread items on google reader that i just sailed through over 1000 posts in  total.Cannot read and comment properly but am caught up and will try to be better.

for BBD SAL not many making a baby sampler with the joyeux noel sampler letters and designs
i should be done next week.

otherwise have been knitting
completed first pair of socks last month:
this next photo...YIKES!

but they are cosy  :-)

then made a few dishcloths and a facecloth

am starting my first sweater
it is already hot here in Texas but i might get it complete by fall!

then DH finished his gray scarf last month

thats all from my world of handiwork
happy puttering in the yard and enjoying longer warmer days.



  1. Glad to hear from you!

    How are you able to think of sweaters when your temps are close to 100 this week?

    Thank goodness for A/C!

    Love your projects - Smiles - Denise

  2. I can't even imagine trying to knit when the weather is as hot as you've had it. But everything looks wonderful!

  3. Congrats on finishing your socks Corinna and I love your sweater pattern and colours.
    Sweet Dreams is very pretty, look forward to seeing more.
    Life is still a bit crazy for me just now but I will email you soon dear. Hugs.

  4. Uao!!! Corinna You have make a lot of beautiful works!!!

    Kisses Bruna

  5. hi, corinna ;)
    good choice your next bbd and whata beautiful stock!!!
    ciao Maria

  6. Awesome socks Corinna! Your toes will be toasty this winter :) Great job with all your projects (and Hubby's scarf too!)

  7. Wow! You've been busy! Looking forward to seeing more of that sampler, and the jacket too. Cosysocks and scarf. It is still so cold in my parts of the world that I use handknit socks daily...
    Have a great weekend:-)

  8. Oh Corinna, tes projets en laine sont magnifiques: moi aussi j'aimerai tricoter les chaussettes et l'echarpe de DH est très belle...
    Bon mois de juin pour toi aussi...

  9. Lovely knitting! And the sampler looks wonderful, look forward to seeing more of it.

  10. welcome back Corinna!!!
    Very nice socks, and a goode choise for a new BBD, congrats for all!
    Have a nice w-e,

  11. That new sweater is gorgeous! I like the yarn color you picked out.

  12. Thanks for coming!I like the colord of the Samplar!it will be lovely.Foundest thoughts.Couson

  13. What great knitting finishes! Love the colour for your the sweater. I can't imagine knitting in the heat you have!! Lovely new stitching start. Looking forward to seeing your progress on that.

  14. Hi Corinna, It looks like you re-entered blogdom around the same time that I did. Time can go by so fast, can't it.

    I love your sweater pattern. We're hot now too. I can think of socks when the temps are in the 100s, but sweaters, I have to wait until....November, ha, ha.

  15. Wow you have been busy! Lovely new start. Great socks! Fab sweater and scarf too. x

  16. Beautiful knitting! Thank God for AC, right?!

  17. beautiful a new BBD, Corinna! ciao, ciao

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Love your projects!

  19. Cool knitting! I wish I could knit, but I do crochet :)

  20. That baby sampler looks like its going to be adorable, nice shade of pink.

    Congrats on all your recent knitting accomplishments.

  21. Everything I see is wonderful!
    Great work my dear friend!!!!

  22. Thanks for your message in regard to Passe Compose chart, please email me at and we can sort it out....Thanks Elisa x