Thursday, April 8, 2010

starting out on a new foot!

I finished my first sock.......I know it needs a partner but I had fun wearing it .....
good thing they sell socks in stores or i would wrap bags around my feet as slowly as I knit...
also the first rose in the garden, with the first sock of the season  ;-)

and my next BBD SAL choice.......
but planning to stitch it in pink
on beige or brown linen

i also am liking this simple sampler idea from a BBD quilt book

in the meantime check out the fantastic finishes and progress of the other ladies in the BBD SAL group on the side bar.....

asundries this past week:
 made tab top valances for kitchen windows

and put a few stitches into feather your nest

poor photo
but maybe it will spur
me on to get this

have a warmer week......smiles, corinna


  1. I love the sock and the rose is beautiful. I can't wait to see your pink on brown stitching! I have been thinking on those colors for something but just haven't found the right combination yet.

  2. Great sock! I knit pretty slowly too and it took me ages to get a complete pair of socks done (my one and only pair to date ;) ) Lovely progress on Feather your Nest too, very pretty so far.

  3. That's a good looking sock :) If I had to make them, we'd wrap bags on our feet too! LOL!
    Your feather your nest is so sweet, I love her designs and I love that BBD you showed us, I have a few quilt books of theirs but not that one, maybe I'll be getting that one soon myself! :)

  4. Great sock, and I love your new SAL project - look forward to seeing your pics of it.

  5. Congrats on your first sock! I have yet to learn how to knit a sock, so you're one up on me! :D Love your next choice for a BBD project. And I love Feather Your Nest! She has such great designs!

  6. Love your sock...guess you could hop on one foot for a while to show it off, while you are getting ready to stitch its pair :) In all honesty, congratulations on the finish. I have always wanted to knit socks as they look fun and somewhat easy! Your choice of BBD project looks wonderful as well as your status on Love Your Nest! Have a great weekend!

  7. Great sock! Very pretty. I love your new BBD project--such a nice design! Beautiful progress on your Feather Your Nest, too!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Congrats on finishing your first sock, it looks fantastic!!! I can't believe you already have a rose...and here I'm just happy to see our grass turning green and some buds appearing on the branches, lol ;)

  9. ;) beautiful sock... and very nice new bbd project...
    ciao Maria

  10. Wonderful sock and very pretty rose! Love your new BBD project too.

  11. Slow or not slow, it's the result that counts. And it's beautiful. And now that the weather gets warmer and warmer you don't need the second sock so urgently, do you? LOL.
    Very nice stitching and sewing, too.

  12. Congrats on the sock! They are addicting to make. Never get tired of doing them. :)

  13. *smile* I hope you finish the other sock too, before you have to start wearing bags on the other foot. The first one already looks very pretty!
    Can't wait to see your pink "Bird in the Hand". I bet that will look lovely!
    You did an outstanding job on sewing your valances! I wish I could sew that good.
    ...and your "Feather in the Nest" looks fantastic! I love the colors of it also very much!

  14. nice blog, wonderful works and project. hugs

  15. I'm so happy to have found your blog, Corinna! You have some great projects going on. Your first sock is looking good...I have no idea how to knit so I always admire people who can do more than one craft...

    "Feather in the Nest" is looking wonderful, also!

  16. Socks and stitching--what could be better? :) Curtain accent looks very nice as well.

  17. What a great sock! I'm so jealous you're getting roses already? We're just in the first signs of spring here!

    Wow you have been productive!

  18. For Thursday a wonderful BBD!
    A magnificent choice!
    As I would like to know how to make the sock..... me, that I am cold I would need the armored ones, ihihihihih
    Kisses and smiles