Thursday, April 15, 2010

quick update

-not too much stitching this week
but I have begun Bird in Hand
the talented ladies of BBD SAL keep me inspired and motivated

I was going to stitch pink on brown....but chose scarlet and chartreuse instead
something different- we shall see how it turns out-

DH has come along way on knitting a scarf for one of his nieces

that is all for this week
pleasant handicraft hours to each of you....


  1. Pretty colors you chose! What is the color of the linen? Nice! That's a very very long scarf your DH is knitting! :D

  2. Love your color choices. And wonderful stitchy hours to you too

  3. Wow Corina,

    This grafic is really beautiful, your version is very intersting. I have it to switch in the future. Congratulations, all is beautiful!

  4. Just love the colours in your birdie Corinna, it is going to be sooo pretty.
    Tell hubby his scarf is fab!

  5. Oh Corinna,
    your bird 1x1 is very very....magic!!
    And the scarf ( j love knitting) is looking good! ( congratulations DH)

  6. What a lovely of fabric you've chosen, Corinna--it looks great with your thread colors, too.

    Wow--that is one long scarf your husband has knit--tell him it looks great :)

  7. Great colors you chose for your piece. Nice and bright and cheery. And wow, that is one long scarf - his knitting is wonderful!

  8. Oh Corinna,
    your stitch 1X1 is wonderful!
    About your question to respect of my BBD.
    I have left a small empty place for my initials,
    but I owe to think, it is so beautiful that didn't want to add more....
    Kisses, have you a good WE!

  9. Your BBD is so pretty! And your DH's knitting is wonderful.

  10. OMG Corinna! You stitch your birdie in PP on a dark linen! How can your eyed handle that? Isn't it rather difficult? But it looks sooo lovely!
    *smile* Your DH has come a looong way on the scarf. How much more is he going to knit on it? He is doing a great job on it!

  11. Love the colors of your BBD - what is the fabric? That's a long scarf - she can keep herself warm and three of her friends, lol. It's a wonderful color.

  12. I like this pattern a lot and still need to get it. I like the colors that you chose to stitch it in , instead of just one. It will be intereting to see how it turns out!

  13. I do like the colours you've picked to stitch this one! That is one long scarf!!!!

  14. very very nice, I love it, congrats Corinna!
    have a nice w-e to you too!

  15. Oh, your BBd piece will look so unusual, I totally love the colours you chose.

  16. Oh my gosh!! What a neat scarf--your niece will love it. That's all the rage these days, at least over here--long scarves.

    I love your choices for Bird in Hand--can't wait to see more of it!

  17. I like how you've changed your colours on the BDD piece, seen it done in a monochrome so many times!

  18. beautiful start Corinna ;)
    happy stitch
    ciao Maria