Wednesday, December 9, 2009

candy box......

here is a pic of the candy box for kathy at

it was such a fun feeling to have won her giveaway ......
i had been playing with thread color on a small piece of linen for a piece from
little by little..

titled quaker rose....well it was just a small scrap of linen
but as i stitched, i thought of  fashioning it into an ornament or some such item.
then i thought of kathy and one stitch led to was a bit haphazard but fun.
it became a box top to chocolates........also inspired by the noel box in the blackbird designs, joyuex noel pattern book.........

(sorry about the typing
i have cookies to bake)
prioritizing time!

here is a pic of an ornament i made last year
i saw it on stacis blog
it is from a readers digest cross stitch book


  1. Corinna, I just love the box! Will always think of you when I see it. That was so very sweet of you, thank you for making my day!!

  2. Pretty little box. Beautifully done.
    Love that ornament too. Gorgeous finishing.